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WHO'S WHO Wu Yi Fang 吳貽芳

Miss Wu Yi Fang (吳貽芳) que l'on peut également trouver sous la transcription Wu I Fang
Bibliographie sur le Who's Who : MISS WU YI-FANG, college president ;born at Wuchang, Hupeh, 1893; attended Hangchow Girls' School; Laura Haysrood Girls' School, Soochow; Union Hangchow Giris, School; received her A.B. degree from Ginling: College; M.A. and Ph.D. de?rees» University of Michigan, U.S.A.; honorary D.Sc. degree from St. John's University; taught at the Peking Girls' Normal School for two years; taught at Peking Girls' Higher Normal School three years; head of English department, Peking Girls' Higher Normal School one year; since 1928 she has been President of Ginling College, Nanking; member, Sigma XI honorary scientific fraternity; VicePresident, Chinese Student Alliance in United States, 1925-26 ; president, Chinese Stndent Christian Association in North America, 1924-25; Delegate, Conference of Institute of Pacific Relations, Kyoto, 1929 ;…

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